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Piwik, also known as phpMyVisits, is an application developed in PHP and MySQL that implements a dynamic and interactive system of statistics for a web page similar to Google Analytics.

The data it can show in real time are the following:

- Visitors in a period of time (hour, day, week, month, or year).

- Frequency of the visitors (new users and regulars).

- Entry pages and neglected pages.

- Geographical breakdown of the users with an interactive world map.

- Technical configuration of the users (operating system, browser, screen resolution, etc.) .

- Origin of the traffic (search engines, direct access, reference websites, newsletter).

- Duration of the visit, pages viewed, keywords, etc.

The installation of Piwik is pretty simple. Just upload the files to the server using an FTP client and once it is up complete the wizard the program provides. On the site you want to measure you need to introduce a Javascript code that is responsible for conducting the measurements.

To see an online demo, click here. It requires at least PHP 5.1.3 and MySQL 4.1, as well as the pdo PHP extension and pdo_mysql.

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